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1 has several different 'channels' for you to contribute your skills, knowledge and creativity. Since they are set up as separate components, each requires a separate registration.
3 * [[>>]] (this website) is the main destination, where structured data is gathered on various emergency related technologies such as contact tracing protocols and apps. Freely browse all the data gathered by others, and help to create clarity on the technologies proposed by analysing technical papers and bringing together other relevant information from around the web.
4 * [[>>]] is a live chat environment where you can see the [[security assessments >>doc:SecurityAssessments.WebHome]]take place, and interactively participate. This is the so called 'Peek over our Shoulder' methodology pioneered by [[Radically Open Security>>]]. The results become part of the feature comparisons of [[>>]]
5 * [[>>]] is an open forum for you to put topics forward you want to discuss with others. This may include technical topics such as [[interoperability>>]], but also [[legal and legislative issues>>]] and [[ethical considerations>>]].
7 All of these are subject to the same [[Code of Conduct>>doc:Main.Code of Conduct.WebHome]], the [[Privacy Policy>>doc:Main.Privacy Policy.WebHome]] (including the [[cookie statement>>doc:Main.Privacy Policy.WebHome||anchor="HCookies"]]) and [[Terms of Service>>doc:Main.TermsOfService.WebHome]]. Be kind to others, and work from a constructive mindset.

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