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The public health crisis caused by the current pandemic represents a major challenge for societies worldwide and their health care systems, way of life, economic stability and values. An exceptional crisis of such magnitude requires coordinated action across the world. The combined power of many can help move to trustworthy solutions, that people can confidently use - and help policy makers base decisions on solid facts and an understanding of the problem and solution space.

This review facility was set up on behalf of the European Commission and is intended as a collaborative, community-focused effort to quickly and transparently analyse SARS-CoV-2/COVID-19-related solutions brought forward for their applicability, security and privacy characteristics, and subsequently fast-track the maturity of the most promising technologies. But also to help gather useful resources to facilitate a broader discussion on other aspects of the technologies involved. A wide ad hoc coalition of experts and stakeholders is involved, among which the Next Generation Internet community that is home to many open source software and open hardware projects that can inform the development of socially aware, user-centric and privacy-friendly crisis technology.

The website you are on right now is a wiki, which is basically a 'open' web site where you get to improve the content yourself. There are a few other channels for you to explore too. We hope you will contribute your expertise and knowledge to help move things forward in a constructive manner. If information is missing, don't wait for others to do it but add it yourself! Together we help move our joint understanding forward.

What can I do to help?

The most logical way to start contributing is to have a look around (see the privacy statement and the legal information). Feel free to browse the information gathered so far, such as the overview of features of apps and devices and protocols (from a high level 'feature matrix' you can click straight through to the nitty gritty details of the different efforts). The gateways used to share data across countries are also described. Or look into the security quickscans and security reviews being conducted, and join in. Everything happens in the open, and you can contribute yourself - and learn from others.

If you are ready to start adding information yourself, you will need to create an account (feel free to use a pseudonym, and do check the privacy statement first). Then, see what data we are still missing, and look if you can find the right information. Even if you just tackle one open question, this is already very helpful. Please make sure you agree with our Code of Conduct (which helps keep things pleasant) and check the terms of service. Thanks for helping out!

In case you want to do more,  add an interesting project/app or protocol we missed out on so far!

What else? You can visit the forum, or read more about the background of the initiative or learn how to use XWiki (the open source tool used to create this environment).

Acknowledgement is funded from European Union’s budget under contract LC-01499045. European flag

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