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1 = Who we are =
3 The Emergency Tech Review Facility is an initiative of the European Commission, supported by [[NLnet Foundation>>]] and [[Radically Open Security>>]]. The goal is to independently review and assess technologies developed to fight COVID-19.
5 ==== Coordinator | NLnet ====
7 [[**NLnet**>>]] is a Netherlands based public benefit organisation that for over two decades is funding  essential work on internet infrastructure. NLnet spearheads **NGI Zero, **one of the first R&D programs of **the Next Generation Internet** initiative to fund privacy and trust enhancing technology and improved search and discovery. E**very NGI Zero-project** (+150 so far!) will become** **available as** open source, open hardware **and** open standards**.
9 ==== Security expert | Radically Open Security ====
11 [[**Radically Open Security**>>]] is the world’s first non-profit computer security consultancy company pioneering the **“Peek Over Our Shoulder”** style of penetration testing where after a security audit, clients get a **step-by-step description** how to perform procedures themselves to ensure future protection. All tools and frameworks built by Radically Open Security are released as **open source solutions**.
13 It is a community driven, open effort. Register an account and help to understand where technology can help - and to make the right decision on whether technology is appropriate and risks or usage are proportional.
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