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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 1 === Disclaimer ===
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 3 Reviewfacility.eu is a set of services operated on behalf of the European Commission under service contract LC-01499045,  to support trustworthy internet technology development in the fight against COVID-19. Our goal is to keep the information on this website timely and accurate. If errors are brought to our attention, we will try to correct them. However, the European Commission and the contractors operating the services (hereafter referred to as "we") accept no responsibility or liability whatsoever with regard to the information on this wiki and the associated channels [[participate.reviewfacility.eu>>https://participate.reviewfacility.eu]], [[forum.reviewfacility.eu>>https://forum.reviewfacility.eu]] and [[gitlab.reviewfacility.eu>>https://gitlab.reviewfacility.eu]] (referred to //pars pro toto// as reviewfacility.eu).
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 5 Any information published on reviewfacility.eu is:
Michiel Leenaars 4.1 7 * of a general nature only and is not intended to address the specific circumstances of any particular individual or entity
8 * not necessarily comprehensive, complete, accurate or up to date
9 * sometimes linked to external sites over which we have no control and for which we assume no responsibility
10 * not professional or legal advice (if you need specific advice, you should always consult a suitably qualified professional).
Michiel Leenaars 1.1 12 == Contracting authority ==
14 === Technical matters: ===
16 European Commission
17 Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology
18 Directorate E: Future Internet
19 Unit E3: Next-Generation Internet
20 B-1049 Brussels, Belgium
21 E-mail: CNECT-E.3@ec.europa.eu
23 === Administrative and financial matters: ===
25 European Commission
26 Directorate-General Communications Networks, Content and Technology
27 Administration and Finance
28 Office: BU25, 04/20
29 European Commission
30 B-1049 Brussels
31 E-mail: [[CNECT-PROCUREMENT@ec.europa.eu>>mailto:CNECT-PROCUREMENT@ec.europa.eu]]
33 === Data controller ===
35 For the purpose of Article II.9.1 of [[EU Regulation 2018/1725>>url:https://edps.europa.eu/data-protection/our-work/publications/legislation/regulation-eu-20181725_en]] of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2018,
36 (a) the data controller is the Head of the Unit "Administration & Finance", Directorate "Resources & Support", Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology;
37 (b) the [[data protection notice>>https://edps.europa.eu/data-protection/our-work/publications/legislation/regulation-eu-20181725_en]] is available at [[https:~~/~~/ec.europa.eu/info/data-protection-public-procurement-procedures_en>>https://ec.europa.eu/info/data-protection-public-procurement-procedures_en]].
Michiel Leenaars 2.2 39 Please see the [[privacy policy>>doc:Main.Privacy Policy.WebHome]], [[terms of service>>doc:Main.TermsOfService.WebHome]] and [[cookie statement>>doc:Main.Privacy Policy.WebHome||anchor="HCookies"]].
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Michiel Leenaars 4.1 41 === External link disclaimer ===
Michiel Leenaars 4.2 43 The websites and services operated by reviewfacility.eu contain hyperlinks to third party websites (e.g. websites made available online under internet domains other than subdomains of reviewfacility.eu). In the wiki you can recognise external links by the icon placed next to them, [[like so>>https://reviewfacility.eu/xwiki/bin/edit/Main/Legal/WebHome]]. Reviewfacility.eu contains user-generated content, which includes links added by other visitors of the site that might not been manually vetted. As a visitor you should not assume that the European Commission and the contractors operating the services have any control over any of the third party websites or files// linked// to, nor that we have evaluated the security and privacy properties of those sites or files. Please use your common sense and take proper precautions when following hyperlinks (as you should do everywhere across the web), for instance by using security browser plugins like [[NoScript>>https://noscript.net/]].
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 45 After leaving the official domain of reviewfacility.eu, you are subject to the cookie, privacy and legal policies of the external websites you visit. We cannot assume any responsibility when visitors to our websites choose to follow a link to external websites that e.g. host malicious activity. Compliance with applicable data protection and accessibility requirements of external websites also falls outside our control and is the explicit responsibility of the external website.
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 47 === Copyright and licensing ===
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Michiel Leenaars 5.2 49 Contents published on reviewfacility.eu is © European Union, 2020, unless otherwise indicated. The Commission's reuse policy is implemented by the [[Commission Decision of 12 December 2011 on the reuse of Commission documents>>https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?uri=CELEX:32011D0833]].  Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise (e.g. in individual copy[[image:CC-BY_icon.svg||alt="CC-BY" height="31" style="float:right" width="88"]]right notices) content owned by the European Commission and published on these websites is available – as a whole and in parts –under a [[Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International Public License>>http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0]].
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 51 Should you desire to make use of this license and would want to republish any of the content on these sites in a new work, you may be required to clear additional rights if a specific content depicts identifiable private individuals or includes third-party works. To use or reproduce content that is not owned by the European Commission, you may need to seek permission directly from the rightholders. Software or documents covered by industrial property rights, such as patents, trade marks, registered designs, logos and names, are excluded from the Commission's reuse policy and are not licensed to you.
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 53 By **submitting** any content to these websites you either:
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 55 * //certify// that your submission is an original contribution and is unencumbered by any third party rights, and
56 * //consent// to make your submission available in its entirety under the above-mentioned **Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike CC BY International **license
57 * and //acknowledge// by submitting that the collective work shall be attributed to "the European Commission with the support from the Reviewfacility.eu community" (which helps to simplify the life of those wishing to reuse any of the content for legitimate purposes)
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 59 Any content submitted that is not compatible with the above copyright licensing regime must be** clearly marked** as such by a contributor as part of their submission to the site. In the case of adding content that you did not create yourself, you:
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 61 * //certify //that you have verified in person that the content can be legitimately added to this website or any of its associated channels
62 * //commit// to add any necessary attribution and information on legitimate rights holders alongside your contribution, including any applicable restrictions on potential reuse
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 64 Under no circumstances should you upload or add content that is licensed in such a way that distribution by reviewfacility.eu is not allowed. If there isn't a license already attached to the content you intend to submit, you must contact the original rights holders prior to taking any action. If you cannot reach all the rights holders, or if you are unsure about the legal status of any of your planned submissions, please [[contact us>>path:mailto:contact@reviewfacility.eu]] prior to adding your contribution.
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Michiel Leenaars 4.2 66 **If you are a legitimate rights holder, and find that someone has uploaded your copyrighted or otherwise encumbered works to any of the reviewfacility.eu web environments against your will, we sincerely apologise. We hope for your understanding: reviewfacility.eu offers a set of collaborative tools to help address the urgencies of the SARS-CoV-2 crisis. Due to the open character of the services it is not possible to avoid any mishaps (in most cases well-intended). Please [[contact us>>path:mailto:contact@reviewfacility.eu]] at your earliest convenience, so we may swiftly deal with the situation in the best possible way.**
Michiel Leenaars 3.2 68 [Please also see the [[terms of service>>doc:Main.TermsOfService.WebHome]]]