The goal of the Emergy Tech Review Facility is to quickly vet solutions brought forward by EC Member States and provide practical support to fast-track the most promising technologies.

This includes not only governments, EC Member States, EU institutions and bodies working together in a genuine spirit of solidarity - but a wide ad hoc coalition of experts and stakeholders.

That is why we aim to involve the Next Generation Internet community and benefit from the unique talents and reusable cutting edge technology (for example protocol modelling, data discoverability, open hardware and standards) they have to offer.

What is the Next Generation Internet?

The Next Generation Internet is an initiative of the European Commission to support research and development towards a more resilient, trustworthy and sustainable internet. Projects are funded through a number of ongoing open calls.

This initiative is home to many open source software and open hardware projects crucial for safe and private communication and trustworthy computing. These projects can assist and inform the development of socially aware, user-centric and privacy-friendly crisis technology.

The NLnet Foundation coordinates the Emergency Tech Review Facility and spearheads NGI Zero, one of the first R&D programs that hosts two openĀ  NGI calls for privacy and trust enhancing technology and improved search and discovery.

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