This page is intended to add new contact tracing protocols to the structured information in only. If you want to see a convenient comparison of the features of the various protocols for contact tracing, please visit the protocol feature matrix instead.

Before you add a new protocol (thanks for your willingness to help!), please check whether or not the protocol is already listed in the table below. Use the button "Add new entry" on the right to start with the data entry. You will be asked for the name of the protocol, provide that and press the round green button with the plus sign to create the page. You are automatically taken to a special form which asks a series of questions about properties of the protocol.

You do not need to enter all the questions in one go, of course - just leave any questions you don't know open, but don't forget to submit. Every time you answer, below it you are asked to provide a pointer to where this information was found or could otherwise be validated. Missing answers are clearly demarcated, and can be provided afterwards by yourself or others. When you are done, scroll to the bottom and submit the results to the facility.

If you are yourself involved with the protocol you are providing the data far, chances are that you know answers that are not yet documented. There are two options: either you contact us and we assign you a special status as 'confirmed author', or you put the required information in a README, blog post or other documentation that can be referenced. The former is of course much less work, and has the added benefit that we can grant you additional rights to manage your own protocol.


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