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1 Thanks for your willingness  to help out with managing this huge information need. This page lists the information we know is still missing from the feature comparisons of [[**applications and devices**>>doc:Utilities.ProjectFeatureMatrix.WebHome]] and [[**protocols**>>doc:Utilities.ProtocolFeatureMatrix.WebHome]]. You can access the same information in a more visual (and probably more convenient) way inside those matrices: missing information is represented by  a blue button with a question mark.
3 {{velocity}}
4 {{html}}
5 This is a textual mapping of those same data gaps, ordered by effort. Each effort is listed with a hyperlinked set of missing data points. Please
6 #if($isGuest)
7 **[[register an account>>doc:XWiki.Registration]]** if you have not done so yet (feel free to use a pseudonym), and
8 #end
9 use the links below to add any missing information about the respective apps, devices or protocols you know of.
10 {{/html}}
11 {{/velocity}}
13 We very much appreciate it if you provide a //proper reference// (in the form of a web address) in the reference field below each new data point you enter, so others can easily verify your findings. Thanks for your help!
15 {{velocity}}
16 {{html}}
17 ## A macro that lists the fields for a particular class that are empty in particular object instances
18 #macro(missingInfo $className)
19 ## The classNames follows this pattern: Protocols.Code.ProtocolsClass
20 ## We remove the first '.' and all characters that follow it
21 #set($header = $className.replaceFirst("\..*", ""))
22 <h2>$header</h2>
24 #set($class = $xwiki.getClass($className))
25 #set($results = $services.query.xwql("from doc.object($ as o").execute())
26 #foreach($docName in $results)
27 #set($doc = $xwiki.getDocument($docName))
28 #set($obj = $doc.getObject($className))
29 #set($link = "$doc.getURL('edit', '')?editor=inline")
30 #if (!$docName.endsWith("Template"))
31 <h3><a href="$link">$doc.displayTitle</a></h3>
32 <ul>
33 #foreach($prop in $class.enabledProperties)
34 #set($value = $obj.getValue($
35 ## Properties that start with 'Computed' cannot be filled in.
36 ## All values that are rendered as an empty string are shown.
37 #set($set = $prop.type.startsWith("Computed") || "$!value" != "")
38 #if (!$set)
39 <li>
40 <a href="$link#${className}_0_$">
41 $prop.prettyName
42 </a>
43 </li>
44 #end
45 #end
46 </ul>
47 #end
48 #end
49 #end
51 #missingInfo("Protocols.Code.ProtocolsClass")
52 #missingInfo("Projects.Code.ProjectsClass")
53 {{/html}}
54 {{/velocity}}

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